Why Saudi Arabia?

Come to the Kingdom, go anywhere.

Over the past 100 years, Saudi Arabia has become one of the most advanced nations on earth. Come to KAUST and set its trajectory for the next century. With strong governmental backing and state-of-the-art facilities, our bioengineering department is on the brink of tremendous scientific breakthroughs.

Driven by a passionately entrepreneurial outlook, and one the fastest-growing research citation rates on the planet, KAUST Bioengineering is the place to put theory into practice—and improve the world for all.


Founded as a research institution with large aspirations, KAUST has rapidly become one of the most respected universities in the Middle East. With graduate students coming from five continents, our bioengineering department prides itself on its international, collaborative spirit—bringing together a diverse cohort of innovators to solve our planet’s most pressing problems.


KAUST Bioengineering advances human knowledge. We work with nature to revolutionize life across disciplines, guiding the next generation of bioengineers towards greatness.


Eureka moments should never stay in the lab. Grounded in interdisciplinary research and collaboration, KAUST Bioengineering balances industry with academia—working to improve the world in practical ways for everyone.

Our research

Find the future, We’ll fund it.


KAUST Bioengineering would be unimaginable without research.

From synthetic biology to molecular robotics, we cover it all—and are always hunting for ways to get new discoveries into the hands of those who need them most.

Whatever your world-changing idea is, we’ve got the resources to make it a reality. You find the future—we’ll fund it.

Discover More

Engineer organisms and eliminate disease.

Shape our planet—and help it heal.

Recover functionality and boost research.

Use nanotechnology to transform health outcomes.

Push the frontier of medicine and automatization.

Build complex tissues and restore health.

Analyze and understand humanity’s foes.

Design living systems to manufacture at scale.

Detect ailments—then defeat them.

Produce tissues that repair themselves.

Harness nature to help the planet.

Interpret nature—then integrating it into circuits.

Leverage digital innovation to improve our world.

Imitate nature to develop bespoke solutions to medical challenges.

Impact and innovation

Big ideas deserve a big audience.
Let KAUST be your stage.

Bioengineering isn’t here to fill journals. It’s here to improve lives and heal the planet— fundamentally transforming how we live and thrive.

Come to KAUST and we’ll funnel your discoveries to the biggest names in government, commerce, and industry. Our unique incubation hubs ensure that each breakthrough gets the attention it deserves, complete with zero-equity funding for ambitious startups.

From growing tomatoes in salt water to harnessing smart technology in the fight against quadriplegia, we’re committed to driving impact across industries and around the world. Leave your legacy at KAUST.


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