Research Impact

Impact and innovation

From lab to launch, We’re innovators by nature.

KAUST is here to transform the planet, not the academy. We understand that laboratory research is only one part of the equation—the other is ending disease, hunger, climate change, and more in the real world. That’s why promoting new discoveries beyond our gates, and improving the lives of people everywhere, is integrated into everything we do.

KAUST Bioengineering achieves this in several ways. One is TAQADAM, our unique startup incubator where students can leverage funding, training, and mentorships to build startups that soar. Another is our partnership with industry. From Saudi Aramco to the sustainability stars of the future, we have the contacts to get your work recognized. 

Whatever your idea, don’t keep it to yourself. Come to KAUST and get the platform it deserves—then commercialize it to shape a better tomorrow.

KAUST aims to revolutionize life across six broad pillars: food, water, energy, health, the environment, and the digital world. Here are some examples of what that means in practice.

Industry partnerships

Big business. It’s our business.

Saudi Aramco. Dow Chemicals. Nalco Water. Imagine having the attention of these global titans—then stop imagining. At KAUST, leverage our extensive contacts across the world of business to make your pitch. Then make your mark, commercializing your project across Saudi Arabia and beyond.

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