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Bioengineering is the science of the future. Seamlessly blending the natural world with an expanding universe of modern technology, this is a discipline with extraordinary potential to secure a better tomorrow. 

By borrowing fundamental biological principles—how natural organisms regulate themselves, protect themselves, replicate, and adapt to threats—bioengineers the world over are making life longer, safer, and healthier for everyone. 

At KAUST Bioengineering, we’re committed to working across this rich and expanding field, harnessing everything from synthetic tissues and smart algorithms to bioreactors and engineered bacteria. 

Our focus is always on grasping how these technologies can be mobilized outside the lab, transforming life far beyond our walls. That’s true across six broad pillars: food, water, energy, health, the environment, and the digital world. 

We also understand that our scientists do their best work without distractions. Offering students generous funding and world-class facilities, then giving them the power to commercialize their technology and transform their ideas into successful startups, we let innovators focus on what matters most—finding the technologies of tomorrow, then sharing them with the world.

Focus areas

What holds our attention? What drives our passion?

Engineer organisms and eliminate disease.

Shape our planet—and help it heal.

Recover functionality and boost research.

Use nanotechnology to transform health outcomes.

Push the frontier of medicine and automatization.

Build complex tissues and restore health.

Analyze and understand humanity’s foes.

Design living systems to manufacture at scale.

Detect ailments—then defeat them.

Produce tissues that repair themselves.

Harness nature to help the planet.

Interpret nature—then integrating it into circuits.

Leverage digital innovation to improve our world.

Imitate nature to develop bespoke solutions to medical challenges.


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